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Wool Dryer Balls, Pack of 3

Wool Dryer Balls, Pack of 3

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This 3 pack of Wool Dryer Balls offers a luxurious, eco-friendly solution for drying your laundry. Dryer balls help your clothes dry faster, reducing drying time and expended energy.  In addition, they can be reused up to 1,000 uses, eliminating dryer sheet waste from the environment!

Made from New Zealand wool, L'avant Collective's dryer balls are a high performing alternative to chemical fabric softeners and single-use dryer sheets. Keep fabrics soft and static free while being gentle on your skin and kind to the planet.

To elevate the sensory experience, add a splash of Fresh Linen Laundry Oil to the dryer balls near the end of the cycle.

If you’re new to using dryer balls, keep an eye on your first load or two, as drying time will be noticeably shorter than you’re used to, and you don’t want to overdry (which causes static).

A note about static - To avoid static, your laundry should retain some humidity at the end of the drying cycle.  Wool dryer balls reduce static by absorbing moisture at the beginning and releasing it as the cycle progresses, elevating the humidity level in the dryer.  You can enhance this effectiveness, especially when drying synthetics, by spritzing the dyer balls with water before tossing them in.  Due to their intensity, the laundry will dry faster than the wool dryer balls.  If you use a moisture sensitive setting, set the sensor on low to keep the dryer from continuing to detect the moisture level of the dryer balls once the clothes have dried.

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