Turnkey Services

Our work enhances everyday living—with thoughtfully-edited layers of timeless detail, artful customization, and considered functionality. We design thought-provoking spaces where our clients live their most aspirational, intentional lives.

Architectural Interiors

With an understanding of your vision, we cultivate character, comfort, and customization as your new home takes form, creating confidence in your decisions. We collaborate closely with architects and builders to deliver a design experience as intuitive and refined as the end result. Every detail is hand-chosen for enduring craftsmanship and modern livability—with your values, personal style, and functional needs as the foundation of every selection.

Comprehensive Interior Design

Our concierge-level interior design service is characterized by our ability to expertly balance form and function—an artistry informed by decades of experience. Our approach to composing interiors transcends aesthetics, focusing instead on creating emotive, inviting homes. Each concept is grounded in our guiding philosophy—that true luxury is measured by intentionality, quality, and originality.

Interior Styling - The List

The List goes beyond traditional styling services to apply thoughtful, specific solutions to a diverse range of design-related challenges. This personalized design intensive is edited to your home’s needs—or whatever small projects you’re most eager to cross off your own version of The List. We understand the emotional impact that neglected or unfinished spaces can have on your quality of life, and we are well versed in innovative ways to add ease and visual inspiration to your home.

“‘Magazine-worthy’ doesn’t begin to describe how gorgeous Katie made my new home. I love that my home was clearly designed professionally, but it still feels exactly like me.”

 - L. Hertz

Work With Us

To learn more about our boutique design services or inquire about availability, please follow the link below to fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing about your upcoming project.