We create homes that embody our guiding philosophy–that intentionality, quality, and originality are the highest forms of luxury.

Stephenson House is a full service interior design firm, atelier of custom furnishings and fixtures, and curated shop of homewares. We specialize in distinctive design projects throughout Edmonton, Canada, as well as select properties worldwide.

Founded by Katie Stephenson, our studio's work is characterized by her ability to elevate and enhance everyday livability. At Stephenson House, design is so much more than just beautiful rooms; we are dedicated to creating highly personalized and turnkey spaces where our clients live their most inspired, comfortable, and fulfilling lives.

Welcome to Our World of Timeless Beauty


Our Expertise


We believe that every project has a unique story waiting to be told. Through sketches and floor plans, we breathe life into your ideas, meticulously designing the house of your dreams. Curating finishes and materials to provide you with the opportunity to imagine how every surface will feel beneath your fingers. We're committed to ensuring that your newly constructed or renovated home not only looks breathtaking, but also feels exquisite. At every step of this creative journey, we are your partners, transforming your vision into a tangible reality.



A truly remarkable space is one where every element seamlessly aligns with the concept. At its core, it's about ensuring that furniture, materials, and decor aren't just pieces, but integral layers of the artistic canvas shaped by design principles. We invest in curating the perfect artworks, fabrics, and furnishings, each piece is handpicked to complement and elevate the broader narrative of the space. We can help you to imagine everything your space could be and unlock the potential of your property.



About Katie

Katie Stephenson is an acclaimed designer, celebrated tastemaker, and the founder of Stephenson House. Her recognizable signature style is a well-traveled and timeless approach to luxury interiors, deeply influenced by her vast cultural experiences and her prestigious educational background. Along with an extensive network of exclusive resources, Katie has meticulously cultivated a team of design experts that share in her passion for client relationships and the meaningful homes they inspire. From their studio in Edmonton, Alberta, they serve clients across the country and internationally.