Full Service Interior Design

Discover the art of stylish living

By creating interiors that express your personality and embody the things you value most, we give you so much more than just beautiful rooms - we give you environments where you feel the most stylish, comfortable and fulfilled.

World class,
original design

Stephenson House is an Edmonton-based full service interior design firm specializing in world class, original design for urban infills, downtown penthouses, and country estates throughout Edmonton and Vancouver, as well as vacation properties all over the world.

We serve discerning, style-conscious clients ranging from busy professionals to sociable bachelors and cultured empty nesters.

You deserve a well appointed interior that elevates your day-to-day living from ordinary to wholly inspired.

Katie Menon - founder, Stephenson House

Let us help you execute your vision

Full Service Interior Design

Whether you’re redesigning your entire home or just a few rooms, Stephenson House specializes in complex, layered designs. That means we’re well-versed in putting all the right pieces in place in all the right ways to achieve the level of character, personalization, style, and detail you’ve imagined.

New Construction & Remodels

It’s not every day that you build your dream home - but it’s arguably the most important investment you’ll make so you want to get everything just right. We work alongside your architect and builder, acting as your guide and advocate, and helping you navigate the construction process to ensure you get the home you deserve.

Do you want an interior designer who will give their all to make your project a success?

The value Katie brings to your project doesn’t end with her creativity and artistic vision. You also benefit from her decisive leadership and expert guidance as she solves your design challenges. Her hand-picked and meticulously curated team, including expert trades and artisans, enables Stephenson House to provide comprehensive design services for projects of any size.

Life-long exposure to diverse cultural influences through travel, plus the benefit of having been trained by world-class experts at the prestigious New York School of Interior Design, mean Katie is uniquely equipped to delight the accomplished, cultured clients Stephenson House serves.

The spaces we create are fully developed with complex layers. A hallmark of our work, achieving this level of design is rare, as it takes not only exceptional taste, but also formal training. By bringing our team on board your project, your home will be elevated head and shoulders above what you first imagined was possible.

Our values are rooted in providing our clients with an exceptional level of service and unrivalled results.

Do you want more out of your home?

We transform your space with elements of true luxury; well edited layers, thoughtfully curated details and artifacts that bring you joy.

Do you want original design?

From custom-designed local furniture to unique new and vintage items sourced internationally, we have a whole world of design aesthetics and solutions in our pocket.

Do you value quality?

Our process ensures that the highest standards of service, craftsmanship, and quality are maintained throughout your project.


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