Quaint & Copper

QC 30

Introducing the transformative personality newly emerged at Quaint & Copper, located in West Edmonton. The family residence received a complete overhaul in this main floor renovation. The most refined materials do the talking, while the backdrop is perfectly positioned to support the conversation.  The fireplace becomes the focal point with crisp lines that are transformed by the softness of the material’s translucency. Movement is then balanced by the stillness in the niches. The space provides just enough surface to display a curated collection of decorative pieces. 

QC 21
QC 12

The hand-dyed, linen drapery is the understated luxury that elevates the space without announcing its arrival. Contrasted by rich copper and bronze metals, the neutral palette is the kind of whispered nod to classicism we love. Naked, matte maple floors infuse a casual freshness to the entire home while adding brightness to the space. Botanicals, perfectly positioned, bring intrigue to the corner while working with the copper tones to carry the colour story.  

QC 29
QC 28
QC 27

Contemporary materials are juxtasposed with historical remnants. Double reclaimed coffee tables improve the usability of the space by elongating the seating area and upholding a functional role. The warmth of the wood and the inherent character provide the most beautiful contrast for the modern, angular vases. Every finish was chosen to support the mix of old and new in the concept of livable beauty. 

QC 17
QC 7
LL Kitchen 67
QC 15
LL Kitchen 60

The kitchen remodel was a complete overhaul of the dark, dated Tuscan brown kitchen. Light and inviting was the theme for the update. Adding a window for increased natural light, panelled appliances, luxury tile and natural maple floors are some of our favourite features. 

LL Kitchen 6
LL Kitchen 18
LL Kitchen 22

Subtle lighting and mixed metals add just the right amount of lustre and warmth to the space. Glass cabinets help offset the visual weight of the upper cabinetry and provide a reflective surface in this otherwise very soft kitchen. The navy island helps to ground the space and adds a beautiful contrast against the lighter cabinetry and natural floors. 

LL Kitchen 14
LL Kitchen 34
LL Kitchen 31
LL Kitchen 74


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