The Furniture of Stephenson House

Quality Meets Style

The Stephenson House team has just returned from North Carolina where we were lucky enough to spend three days at the factory of one of the world's most talented furniture makers. This exclusive, invite only experience allowed us to see exactly what goes into creating quality pieces that last a lifetime.

It was a fascinating lesson in heirloom-quality furniture and craftsmanship that left us feeling proud of the brands we partner with and how they enhance the spaces we design.




Curated by Us, for You

The Shoppe is home to furniture collections that serve functionality, design and sustainability. We've hand-selected each piece for our clients and the Stephenson House collection so that you can be confident that the pieces making their way to your home are better built, the highest level of comfort possible, and the smartest environmental choice.

Looking for something unique and specific? We work with many talented artisans and can customize and build pretty much anything. 



The Canvas

Beautiful furniture lends itself to beautiful interior styling - the perfect canvas for layering home decor that actually brings you joy and says something about your personality.

Natural stone tabletops, walnut cabinets, leather wrapped drawers... furniture is the the perfect place to begin adding texture to your space.

Our team is well-versed in putting all the pieces in place to achieve the level of effortless style that you've imagined for your home.





Behind the Scenes