Romantic Summer

Drawing inspiration from nature, history and fashion to curate an interior style you'll fall in love with.

A collage of imagery inspired by the Mediterranean, including alabaster grapes, marble home decor, and a cream coloured dress highlighted by a gold bracelet.


Inspiration is abundant, from the mixed materials of a well-styled outfit, to the beauty of wildflowers that cover ancient architecture.

Couture shows to global travels, we are endlessly searching for newfound inspiration and incorporating our findings into the elevated interiors we design and the Shoppe collections we source.

A collage of floral design including historical architecture with an overgrowth of white flowers, a white floral couture dress, and a white floral arrangement in an aged brown vase.

Picturesque Palettes

A collage of images that feature rich natural tones in the form of lemons, marble, and apparel, highlighted by layered neutral tones for an inspired summer palette.


Curating the palette for your space is a delicate balancing act that has the power to drastically change the way you feel.

We've infused the romance of summer into the Shoppe through rich tones inspired by nature paired with expertly layered warm neutrals, and natural stone and wood accented with metal details.

Charming Antiques

A large antique terracotta planter is featured over a collage of inspiration images that include a range of planters and Mediterranean landscapes.


Nothing brings a romantic feel to your interior style quite like the beauty and character of antiques.

Visit the Shoppe to explore the latest in antique finds, furniture, decor, florals, and artwork, curated by Stephenson House.


A backdrop of white roses growing over a wall lays behind a photo of a bouquet of white roses paired with a aged green metal mortar and pestle, beautifully styled together.