Project Reveal: Quaint & Copper 2.0

This project is an example of how beautifully a space comes together with layers of details; wallpaper, lighting, draperies, furniture, art and decor. It is also a great example of how each space can have a unique look, while keeping a consistent design concept throughout the home.



Primary Bedroom

Our favourite feature of the primary bedroom is the inviting sitting area, a haven for our clients to begin and end their day.

This space perfectly frames the large window and serves as a stunning focal point from the bedroom entryway.




This spacious ensuite provided plenty of opportunities to incorporate exciting lighting and decor, completing the design of this space to perfection.

The chandelier is the star of the show, tying the room together with a luxe touch.



Dining Room

The key to designing a room with no natural light is to use deeper saturated tones, as seen in the wallpaper and artwork we used throughout this stunning dining room.

The mirror adds length to the room and serves as a bright focal point.




This captivating office makes an impact from the moment you see it.

The sheer drapes we custom designed for the windows add softness to the natural light in this north-facing room, while the tones used throughout the wallpaper, artwork and decor bring warmth and depth to the space.

Positioning the desk to face the door is the key to achieving the seamless flow of the office design.