Kitchen Design Details

Don't Call It A Trend

Kitchen design is often equal parts wonderful and daunting. Our team navigates all of the design details to achieve noteworthy spaces that also meet the needs of every cook in the kitchen. The design features detailed in this latest blog addition add unparalleled style and personality to a space. It's impossible to refer to these elements as trends, when they are timeless in nature with lasting impact. Stay tuned to see how we implement these stunning design styles into upcoming projects. 

Beautiful kitchen with centre island wrapped in gold metal detailing.
 Photo by Francois & Co.

Metal Kitchen Islands

These statement kitchen islands are cast from architectural metals that provide both form and functionality, with design-savvy flair. They support a variety of curated styles from traditional and historic, to modern and sleek. Offered in beautiful finishes, tailored to embody the character and personality of your space, these islands are sure to inspire.


Metal selections for a kitchen island.Finishes by Francois & Co.


Gold wrapped kitchen island.

Photo sourced from Pinterest.

Hidden Niche Detailing

This design style is equal parts beautiful and versatile. It's a stunning way to incorporate a framed kitchen range as the focal point, while making use of the frame to tuck away essentials or create a display area. The perfect spot for small decor pieces, a kitchen niche makes every surface in your home feel intentional.

Framed kitchen range featuring hidden niche detailing.
 Collage featuring four images of unique kitchen niche details.Photos sourced from Pinterest.

Kitchen Skylights

Lighting has always been one of the most important aspects of design, setting the tone and adding architectural interest to your space. Maximizing natural light is a great way to brighten your home, bring warmth and coziness, and blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors. These architectural windows are a stunning structural detail that creates an inviting feeling in your kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen with black framed windows and skylight.

Two photos side by side depicting kitchen skylights.
Photos sourced from Pinterest.

Setting a Stylish Scene, with Stephenson House.

Styling is the last piece of the puzzle to bring life and personality to your home. Refined decor, permanent botanicals, and a tonally-balanced selection of artwork can elevate any kitchen. We've included a few of our favourite decor pieces to set a stylish scene, from a stunning anemone arrangement, to a tasteful still-life, and elegant brass bowls.