Design Trends: Wall Decor

After years of minimalism and blending in, inspired layers filled with personality are making a statement through well-edited interiors. In a time where we are craving expression and authenticity in our spaces, artwork and wall decor are the key to setting your home apart from all the rest.

It’s nearly impossible to refer to these design details as trends, when the influence from the past is ever present. Rich with history and timeless in nature, these are the moments of individuality that we are excited to incorporate into our upcoming design projects.



Drawing on natural motifs of the past, tapestries feature scenes rich with storytelling that are sure to spark conversations in your space. Whether hanging or framed, they make a character-filled addition to your home.

The details of these intriguing works of art have been heavily replicates through modern design details, but we love the unmatched colour and texture that traditional tapestries bring to interior styling.



Gallery walls are by no means a new concept, but they have been given a refreshing update. Featured artworks and unique frames in complementary tones create a one-of-a-kind look that turns a feature wall into a bespoke scene.

Give your walls a distinctive and timeless moment by taking your gallery wall from floor to ceiling and incorporating a range of forms, sizes and frames in a captivating way.





We love utilizing wallpaper as a way to bring pattern and texture to interiors, especially when applied in a unique way. Wallpapered ceilings bring refreshing intrigue to the most unexpected surface in a room.

Much like the painted ceilings you see throughout Rome, a historical symbol of luxury and wealth, wallpapered ceilings add a rich design element that brings individuality to the forefront. It draws the eye upward, completing the design of your space in a way you never knew you needed.