6 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Some things in life you can not do unless you are a trained expert. Examples include: surgery, legal counsel, complex engineering, space travel. Then there are the things that you might not have professional training in, but with unlimited time and resources you could self educate on the subject. Design is technically one of those things. The problem is that most people do not have infinite time or resources. This is where the value of a service provider comes into play. Interior designers are not an essential service, but before you embark on building your dream home or even gutting your existing kitchen for a makeover, consider the value in working with an interior designer. Here are my top 6 reasons why hiring an interior designer is a very good idea.


Master Bedroom Before


Have you ever been house hunting? I am sure you have. You’ve likely walked through property after property looking at odd design details and out of date flooring or drapery treatments thinking, “this place is awful. Next”. How about scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram and witnessing amazing before and after transformations right before your eyes. Do you wonder to yourself how on earth do people see the potential and bring about such a transformation? Well, the answer most likely lies in training. Understanding the elements of good design gives us the building blocks to go from “awful” to stunning. A trained and experienced interior designer can help you see the potential when you can’t. Knowing when to move windows, take down/put up walls, the implications of moving electrical or plumbing are all integral to transforming or designing a space.


Master Bedroom After


The ability to answer the all mighty question – how much will this cost me? We keep up-to date on product costs as they relate to a fluctuating international economy. The market is always changing. Since we are constantly sourcing and purchasing products and services for our ongoing design projects we have a current understanding of realistic project budgets. Maybe you plan to renovate a master bathroom that saw its last overhaul fifteen years ago. Your $10 000 budget from the early 2000’s won’t go nearly as far now and we can help bring the budget into focus. 


Vetted contractors. A network of contractors and skilled artisans whose work I can personally vouch for. Do you need an iron worker? No problem, we’ve got four amazing artisans for you to choose from. Do you need a paint team made up of perfectionists? We’ve got you covered there too. Whether your project is complicated and requires dozens of artisans and trades to get the job done or only a few, we will call upon our network of trusted subcontractors so that you don’t have to experiment with your time and money to find the right ones.


Perhaps the most obvious reason to hire an interior designer is that it will inevitably save you time. And although we pour many hours into you design project, you would spend many, many more. Our industry experience, connections, and understanding of the design process enable us to tackle your project efficiently. We use the best software and technology to expertly manage your design project.


A countertop displays paint selections and tile finishes that are being selected by interior designer Katie Stephenson and a member of her design team.

Curated Finishes


Not only will we save you time, we will save you money. This may feel counter intuitive at first when add design fees to your project’s budget, but doing it right the first time is way cheaper than having to redo it because of mistakes. 


The last, and perhaps most alluring reason is the wow factor. You know when you walk into a room and it just speaks to you? Chances are the room has has been designed by a professional. Under all the beautiful fabrics and furnishings, the layers of interest and textures, the way the natural light hits the room just so – are elements and principles of design that are actually a science. Education, experience and a little intuition are the differences behind rooms that look respectable and rooms that are indescribably beautiful. These rooms are more of a feeling than a look. Designers do that. 


Interior designer Katie Stephenson, owner of Stephenson House, styling the living room space at project Valley's Edge.