Mixed Minerals

WB 56

Welcome to the modern luxury condo at West Block. We transformed this already stunning property by infusing our client’s personality into the details. The newly built luxury penthouse was stunning to begin with, beautiful finishes and gorgeous 360 views of Edmonton, but our team had a vision to bring this space to the next level. The black solid surface with subtle veining was added to the kitchen walls instantly added the drama we needed. This single additional element completely transformed the space and has easily taken top spot for our favourite kitchen transformation to date. 

WB 40
WB 50

With layered details adding unexpected surprises and just enough interest to keep you wanting to explore, the entire condo is filled with beauty. Whether working in the office, a trip to the 1/2 bath or preparing a chai latte in the kitchen – beauty abounds in the sight lines indoors and out. The walls throughout the property were treated with wallpapers, clay, artwork, and even fabric. 

WB 61
WB 65
WB 2
WB 10
WB 29

More images coming soon….


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