I value style and I want my home to be different than everyone else’s. How will you achieve that?

We understand that our clients want interiors that will elevate their personal style. They’re not interested in the same furnishings and finishes they see everywhere, and they don’t want a designer who creates the same look over and over again for every client.

As such, we work continually to build our network of international suppliers, importing globally sourced products to complement the work of talented local artisans and makers. This allows us to create a tailor-made finish that is unique to each project.

While the overall principles of interior design are timeless, the design industry is ever-evolving with new design tools, new furnishings and décor products, and even research around the neuroscience of design and how our environments affect our well-being. We believe our job is to discover anything and everything that will elevate our clients’ experience and the results we achieve for them.

How do I know I can trust you with my project?

First, you should know that we believe in running our design business with excellence. We aren’t ‘hobby decorators’ merely looking to scratch a creative itch from time to time. We’ve built Stephenson House using sound business practices with high standards of excellence for everything from customer service to project management to bookkeeping. Our exacting processes and dedication to excellence prevent us from creating problems for our clients in the form of dropped balls, inaccuracies in plans and invoices, or breakdowns in communication.

Secondly, we believe there’s a big difference between a designer who picks out products for their clients and a designer who delivers spaces with a thoughtfully crafted and uniquely personalized look and feel. To achieve the latter, we not only have to know our clients well, but we also have to know exactly how to apply (and when to break!) the complex principles of design, like proportion, scale, balance, layering textures and colours. Great design is so much more than just sourcing beautiful products, and our education, experience, and expertise mean we’re up to the task. 

Will I be visiting showrooms with you to make selections?

A key piece of the value we provide is in curating the options for you. By zeroing in on what checks all the boxes for you and your project before we bring you into the mix, you get the excitement of making selections for your project without the decision fatigue and frustration of sifting through option after option.

How do you charge for your services?

Our goal is always to help you maximize your investment in your home in order to create spaces that look good and feel personal, cohesive, and complete. We work with you to help set a budget for furnishings, finishes, fixtures, and décor that’s appropriate for what you’re looking to achieve in your space. Our design fees are assessed on a flat rate (not hourly) basis per space and are dependent upon project specifics such as square footage and project scope. All of our projects start with a complimentary discovery call. The next step is a two hour consulting appointment. The investment for this in-home consultation is $600.

Why should I choose Stephenson House?

When it comes to serving our clients, we are reliable, thorough, and meticulous perfectionists. The way to achieve a seamless project experience and ideal results is by working with designers who operate with dedication and intelligence, excel in the details, maintain precision and accuracy, and get things done right the first time. 

Katie Stephenson has provided her decisive leadership and expert guidance to design and construction projects of all sizes. Her creativity and artistic vision are only the beginning, as she and her meticulously curated team carry your project through to beautiful completion. Life-long exposure to diverse cultural influences, plus the benefit of being trained by world-class experts at the prestigious New York School of Interior Design means Katie is uniquely equipped to serve accomplished, cultured clients and satisfy their refined, selective tastes.

Does Stephenson House do commercial design work?

Yes! We serve both residential and commercial clients. We’re committed to providing our clients with an exceptional level of service and extraordinary results. In order to ensure our clients and their projects get the care and attention they deserve, we take on a limited number of projects each year. Inquire below to see how we can help you with your project.

Have we answered all of your questions?


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